Does Character AI Save Chats? Get the Key Facts

Exploring various alternatives to ChatGPT, many users turn to Character AI, a popular choice allowing the creation of personalized chatbots. This platform even lets you converse with chatbots imitating celebrities. The company’s recent $1 billion valuation underscores its widespread appeal.

However, a crucial question arises: Does Character AI save chats? The answer is affirmative, but concerns linger regarding its safety. Users often discuss highly private matters, and the privacy policy hints at possible monitoring by Character AI staff and developers.

This guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into Character AI, empowering you to navigate your conversations with the chatbot wisely.

Character AI: A Closer Look

Character AI is a cutting edge tool harnessing AI’s power to craft virtual characters engaging in interactive talks. Its neural language model processes vast text data, forming intelligent responses. Thanks to its extensive training, it grasps language nuances, offering users lifelike character interactions. This makes Character AI an exciting tool for entertainment, learning, and unleashing creativity.

Does Character AI Save Chats?

does character ai save chats

Yes, Character AI does save your chat history, allowing you to revisit past conversations with any character. It offers a convenient feature for restarting interactions. However, it’s important to note that every chat initiated on Character AI may potentially be accessible to the company’s staff. Unlike encrypted messages on apps like WhatsApp, Character AI’s chats lack encryption, raising concerns about the privacy and security of the exchanged content.

As you engage with Character AI, be mindful that your conversations may not be as secure as those on certain messaging platforms. The absence of encryption prompts questions about the confidentiality of your interactions, emphasizing the need to exercise caution when sharing sensitive information on the platform.

Is Character AI Safe?

Determining the absolute safety of Character AI is challenging due to significant user data collection and limited public information on server and network security. Given these concerns, users are encouraged to safeguard their privacy by using a VPN and registering with a different email address.

User Privacy and Staff Access

While users creating chatbots cannot view others’ conversations, the lack of encryption allows Character AI’s staff to read any chats. Caution is advised when initiating chats with chatbots, considering potential privacy implications.

Unverified Reports of Chat Leaks

In November, a Reddit user reported a bug causing random chat leaks between users. While unverified, similar issues have occurred with other platforms, emphasizing the need for awareness.

Content Quality and NSFW Filters

Despite stringent NSFW filters, occasional reports highlight characters delivering unsettling or abusive messages. While rare, users sensitive to such content should approach interactions cautiously.

User Attempts to Bypass Filters

Efforts to bypass chatbot filters have led to concerns about content appropriateness. A petition for an NSFW toggle, garnering over 5,000 signatures, reflects community concerns and requests for additional platform features.

Character AI’s Privacy Policy: What Information Gets Saved?

Character AI Sign-Up Process

To create a Character AI account, you’ll provide your email and set a password. Confirmation of your email and choosing a username are the next steps.

Data Collected According to Privacy Policy

According to Character AI’s privacy policy, the following information is collected:

  • Communication Information: This covers support requests and similar interactions.
  • Log Data: Includes IP address, device name, etc.
  • Website Cookies: Involving persistent cookies.
  • Usage Information: Described as details about how you use the service, encompassing content viewed, features used, actions taken, and the time, frequency, and duration of activities.

Monitoring Content

Character AI mentions monitoring user entered content to ensure it doesn’t contain inappropriate material or personal information. This is part of the broader “Usage Information” category, embedded within the “log data” paragraph in the privacy policy.

Privacy concerns and Character AI 

Assurance of Privacy

Character AI reassures users that character creators can’t see their conversations, creating a sense of privacy.

Storage for Service Enhancement

The privacy policy indicates that user information and interactions are stored for purposes such as improving the service, enforcing terms, and ensuring user safety.

Content Monitoring

When users input content, Character AI may monitor it for inappropriate material or personal information, implying a level of conversation tracking for adherence to guidelines.

Unclear Developer Access

The privacy policy doesn’t specify the extent to which developers can access these conversations, leaving some ambiguity.

Risk of Data Breaches

Acknowledging the risk associated with data storage, especially if leaked, there’s a potential for misuse of information, urging users to be cautious about sharing personal or sensitive details.

User Security Guidelines on Character AI

Protecting Personal Information

Encourage users to avoid sharing sensitive or personally identifiable details during conversations to safeguard their privacy.

Generic Terms or Aliases

Suggest using generic terms or aliases when discussing sensitive topics or sharing personal information to ensure confidentiality.

Stay Informed with Privacy Policy

Emphasize the importance of regularly reviewing Character AI’s privacy policy to understand how personal information is collected, used, and shared.

Create a Dedicated Account

Recommend users use a dedicated or temporary email account for creating a Character AI account to enhance privacy.

Utilize Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Advise the use of a VPN while accessing Character AI for an added layer of anonymity and enhanced privacy protection.

Examining Character AI’s Security Measures (or Lack Thereof)

Unfortunately, Character AI does not offer two or multi-factor authentication, an additional security layer that many users find beneficial. However, implementing such measures would likely involve the inclusion of a phone number in user accounts.

Compounding this issue, Character AI only enforces a minimum password length of 6 characters with no specific requirements for special characters. This sets a relatively low standard for password strength.

Given these limitations, it is strongly recommended that users employ a robust, unique, and suitably complex password for their Character AI accounts. This becomes especially crucial when inputting sensitive or private data into the chatbot a practice discouraged regardless of the specific chatbot in use.

Is Using Character AI a Good Choice?

Character AI, a delightfully quirky chatbot, offers a playful experience. However, as evident from this article, it’s crucial to adopt precautions to ensure a safe interaction. These precautions include using a lengthy, intricate, and unique password for your account.

A key recommendation is refraining from inputting sensitive information into Character AI. This precaution extends to using a non-work email address or avoiding the inclusion of other personal details during the sign-up process.

Users should be aware that Character AI staff may monitor chats. This awareness underscores the importance of mindful interactions.

General Precautions Across Chatbots

Similar precautions apply when using other popular chatbots like ChatGPT or Bard. While these tools showcase cleverness and utility, entrusting them with private data poses risks not worth taking.

A Universal Approach

In essence, the advice remains consistent: exercise caution, prioritize privacy, and employ these safeguards across various chatbot platforms for a secure and enjoyable experience.


In summary, addressing the query “does Character AI save chats?” sheds light on crucial insights for users. Character AI, while delivering an interactive chat experience, does retain user conversations, essential for service enhancements and safety measures. However, privacy concerns arise, especially with the acknowledgment that staff may access these chats. Users are urged to prioritize safeguarding their privacy by employing strong passwords and refraining from sharing sensitive details. This exploration underscores the need for a balanced approach, enjoying the benefits of lifelike interactions while staying vigilant about potential privacy implications in the realm of AI-driven conversations.


Q1: Does Character AI keep a record of my chats?

Yes, Character AI does save your chats for various purposes.

Q2: Why is it important to know if Character AI stores chats?

Understanding if Character AI saves chats is crucial for safeguarding your privacy and making informed decisions about your interactions.

Q3: Can I trust Character AI with sensitive information?

It’s advisable to be cautious and avoid sharing sensitive data, considering that Character AI stores chats and staff may have access to them.

Q4: How can I enhance my privacy on Character AI?

To boost privacy, use a strong password, refrain from sharing sensitive information, and be aware that Character AI may monitor your chats.

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