How to Change Snapchat AI Gender: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Changing your Snapchat AI gender is simpler than you might think! If you’ve been wondering how to change Snapchat AI gender, you’re in the right place. Snapchat offers a straightforward process to modify the AI’s gender representation, allowing you to customize your experience. Whether you’re exploring options or looking for a fun way to switch things up, understanding this process can add a new dimension to your Snapchat interactions. So, let’s delve into the steps to transform the AI gender seamlessly!

What is Snapchat AI?

The Snapchat AI resembles the chatbot functionality commonly seen in other AI-based applications like Chat GPT or Brad. Unlike being a standalone app, this AI feature is integrated into the primary Snapchat mobile application.

Finding the Snapchat AI is easy: head to the chat section of your Snapchat app, and among your friends list, spot the AI chatbot. Recognizable by its distinct colored gender in blue or green, it might initially resemble an alien from Bitmoji. Curiosity about altering the Snapchat AI gender often stems from this appearance.

Utilizing this AI is a breeze. Just click on the AI friend as you would with any other friend in your chat list. Once in the chat box, type your queries or messages, treating it like any other conversation on Snapchat. It responds with human-like answers, allowing you to seek advice, engage in friendly banter, or even throw in some challenging questions.

How To Change Snapchat AI Gender

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough detailing how to change the gender of Snapchat’s AI. The process remains consistent across devices, whether you’re using an Android or iOS platform.

1: Open Snapchat and head to the chat section.
2: Select ‘My AI Chatbot’ to access the chatbot interface.
3: Tap the MyAI Bitmoji icon, then choose ‘customize.’
4: Click the ‘Avatar’ button (displayed as a pencil icon).
5: Look for the AI gender type, usually the first option listed.
6: The top AI Bitmoji represents the Female gender, while the second depicts the Male. Pick your preferred AI Bitmoji appearance.
7: After selecting the desired gender, click ‘Save’ to apply the changes to your AI chatbot.

Delve deeper into the Avatar customization menu to infuse a more human-like appearance once you’ve selected the gender. By default, My AI exhibits shades of blue and green. However, you can refine its appearance by adjusting skin tones like beige, black, or white, enhancing its realism.

Moreover, the customization options extend to altering hairstyles, eyebrows, eye color, eye shape, nose shape, jawline, face structure, hair color, and a multitude of other features. Through Snapchat’s My AI customization tools, you have the freedom to personalize it to a similar extent as you would with your own Bitmoji.

Can I Delete Snapchat AI Chat?

Snapchat AI serves as a permanent fixture within the app’s chatbot features. Despite attempts to delete or remove the AI from the application, there exists no direct option to do so. Consequently, the sole method to sidestep its presence is by simply ignoring the AI chat. Additionally, it’s not possible to un-pin the My AI chat from its prominent position at the top spot in the chat section.

What Are the Features of Snapchat AI?

Below, we’ve compiled a list of exciting features for leveraging the productive aspects of Snapchat AI. Let’s explore how to make the most of these functionalities.

Quick Response

The Snapchat AI mimics human-like responses, yet its distinct advantage lies in its rapid replies. Within a mere second, you receive an accurate response. Should the AI be unaware of an answer, it gracefully acknowledges this, much like a regular person would.

Free to Use

While Snapchat offers numerous features in its premium or plus editions, Snapchat AI is entirely free to use within the standard version of the application. Therefore, there’s no need to spend money to access it.

Works Alike on All Platforms

Whether you’re using Snapchat on the web or via the mobile application, any modifications made to the gender of My AI on Snapchat will be saved persistently. This functionality operates consistently across all platforms.

Human-Like Chatting

Engaging with My AI operates similarly to chatting with your friends. It comprehends numbers, slang, and even abbreviations, maintaining an understanding of various forms of communication.


In essence, altering the Snapchat AI gender is a simple process, as demonstrated in this comprehensive tutorial on how to change Snapchat’s AI gender. By following the steps outlined above, users can seamlessly modify the gender representation of their Snapchat AI across different platforms. This feature, akin to chatting with friends, allows customization and offers various options within the Avatar customization menu. Moreover, Snapchat AI not only responds swiftly but also understands slang, abbreviations, and diverse conversational styles, resembling human-like interaction. Whether on the web or using the mobile app, changes made to My AI’s gender persistently remain saved, ensuring a consistent experience across all platforms. Overall, exploring the features and personalization options of the Snapchat AI adds a dynamic dimension to your Snapchat interactions.


How do I change my Snapchat AI’s gender?
To change your Snapchat AI’s gender, open the app, go to the chat section, select ‘My AI Chatbot,’ tap on the Bitmoji icon, choose ‘Customize,’ and then click ‘Avatar’ to modify the gender.

Is the Snapchat AI gender change permanent?
Yes, once you’ve altered the gender of your Snapchat AI using the steps provided, the changes persist across all platforms and remain saved.

Can I personalize my Snapchat AI’s appearance beyond gender?
Absolutely! Alongside gender changes, you can further customize the AI’s appearance, including skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, and various facial features.

Does the Snapchat AI understand casual language and slang?
Yes, the Snapchat AI comprehends slang, abbreviations, and casual language, making chatting with it similar to conversing with a friend.

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