Tax Preparer Liability Insurance: Essential Coverage Guide

Tax preparers are crucial in handling tax returns for individuals and businesses. Additionally, they significantly impact the amount owed or refunded to Uncle Sam. Moreover, having tax preparer liability insurance is essential for protection in this role.

Consequently, tax preparers experience a demanding workload, particularly during tax season. This period involves long hours, often spent more with computers than with loved ones. Furthermore, this frantic pace can unintentionally result in errors and oversights, a familiar challenge for any tax preparer.

Furthermore, even the most seasoned tax preparer might inadvertently overlook deadlines or make miscalculations. Understanding that errors can occur emphasizes the necessity for tax preparer liability insurance. This coverage ensures protection in case of accidental errors or mishaps, offering peace of mind to tax preparers.

Here, we’ll discuss essential information for tax preparer liability insurance. This includes its protective benefits, acquisition process, and associated costs, ensuring tax preparers are well-informed about securing this vital coverage for their business.

tax preparer liability insurance

Which Insurance Coverages Are Essential for Tax Preparers?

Typical insurance protections for bookkeepers, accounting professionals, and tax preparers encompass:

  • A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Professional Liability
  • Valuable Papers & Record Coverage

Undoubtedly, the most crucial coverage for any tax preparer is professional liability insurance, often referred to as errors & omissions (E&O) insurance.

Furthermore, a comprehensive E&O policy should cover various concerns related to your performance offering professional services as a tax preparer. This includes addressing breach of duty, contract issues, misleading information, miscommunication, dispensing erroneous advice, and perceived negligence. Additionally, certain E&O policies may extend protection for inadvertent copyright infringement.

Errors occur, and tax preparers’ professional liability insurance serves as a safeguard against legal action stemming from unintended mistakes. If a client sues you for financial damages due to an error, this coverage shields you from bearing the costs. Tax preparers’ professional liability insurance covers defense expenses and potential settlements, ensuring that an inadvertent mistake doesn’t disrupt the business you’ve diligently established.

The Significance of Professional Liability Insurance for Tax Preparers

Professional liability insurance (PLI) mitigates the risks associated with tax return preparation and bookkeeping for businesses. Also known as errors and omissions (E&O) or malpractice insurance, PLI specifically covers costs incurred by tax preparers in defending themselves against claims of professional negligence. It encompasses expenses related to hiring a defense attorney and covering court-ordered settlements or judgments.

Furthermore, while many tax professionals think they are safeguarded from lawsuits by conducting their business meticulously, clients can initiate legal action for various reasons, whether legitimate or not. Addressing baseless or frivolous lawsuits still demands the engagement of a defense attorney, incurring significant costs. The essence of having tax preparer liability insurance lies in covering attorney fees and associated legal expenses in such situations.

This type of insurance operates as a risk transfer mechanism. When tax preparers who are insured pay their premiums, they effectively transfer their professional risks to an insurance company. In turn, this insurance provides:

  • A claims adjuster and defense attorney without any cost to the tax preparer.
  • Reimbursement for expert witness(es) to bolster the preparer’s legal defense.
  • Financial support for arbitration, mediation, or other alternative dispute resolution methods.
  • Coverage for court administrative expenses.
  • Protection for disciplinary or regulatory proceedings.
  • Assistance in complying with subpoenas requesting documents or testimony.
  • Financial benefits for costs incurred during trial or arbitration.
  • Coverage for employee theft incidents.

Why Tax Preparers Need Professional Liability Insurance

Regardless of whether you’re in the midst of your busiest season or gearing up for the next one, obtaining professional liability insurance is crucial. Avoiding out-of-pocket expenses, as mentioned earlier, stands as one primary reason. However, numerous other benefits warrant consideration when purchasing or upholding PLI coverage. These include:

Minimizing financial uncertainty – Professional liability insurance (PLI) operates by replacing a substantial, unpredictable risk like the possibility of being sued with a more manageable, predetermined expense (the insurance premium). This fundamental principle of business risk management is well comprehended and valued by most tax preparers.

tax preparer liability insurance

Obtaining prompt and convenient access to an experienced defense attorney – When facing a lawsuit, a swift response is essential. With a PLI policy, tax preparers gain rapid access to legal counsel and assistance in managing the procedural aspects efficiently.

Reducing personal stress levels – Being involved in a legal case can be emotionally distressing. Apart from the risk of financial loss, it can significantly harm a tax preparer’s professional reputation. A PLI policy serves as a crucial support system, alleviating both the financial and emotional burdens associated with facing a lawsuit.

Unhappy Clients

“A married couple approached us for help with their tax filings, given their various income sources and intricate assets. Despite our meticulous approach, we later discovered a month after submission that their filings were incorrect. Consequently, they faced substantial IRS dues, leading them to initiate legal action against us.”

Professional liability insurance provides coverage for legal fees in the event of a lawsuit due to errors, omissions, or mistakes in your professional services.

Addressing gaps in other insurance types – Certain tax preparers believe that their general liability insurance or business owner’s policy (BOP) provides coverage for professional errors or negligence. However, in most instances, these policies solely cover third-party injuries and property damage, excluding coverage for professional mistakes and omissions.

Additional Insurance Policies for Tax Preparers, Beyond Tax Preparer Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

In the modern business landscape, digital operations are essential, highlighting the significance of cyber liability insurance across various industries. Tax preparers, handling client interactions and housing vast sensitive data digitally, frequently become prime targets for cyber threats. Hence, possessing cyber liability insurance is increasingly pivotal in safeguarding against potential cybercriminal activities.

If a cyber incident occurs, like a data breach, ransomware attack, phishing, or other cybercrimes, cyber liability insurance provides coverage for both first and third-party losses. Beyond addressing financial damages, this insurance policy extends to investigating the incident, notifying affected parties, providing credit monitoring for victims, and offering PR services in case of reputational damage to your business.

tax preparer liability insurance

Data Breach

“Handling taxes involves gathering personal data. While our system is secure, a recent breach resulted in hackers accessing hundreds of my customers’ private information.”

Cyber insurance aids in safeguarding your business against data breaches and the theft of personal information.


“After installing new computers, I discovered that one of the older machines I had placed in the storage room was missing. Upon reviewing security footage, I observed one of my employees loading it into their car.”

Commercial Crime Insurance

Few envision their trusted employees engaging in theft from their business, yet it occurs more frequently than anticipated. Surprisingly, 75% of employees acknowledge having stolen from their employer at least once. This underscores the relevance of tax preparer liability insurance in mitigating such risks.

Property Damage

“A destructive fire erupted, causing damage to multiple rooms within the office before being put out. Subsequently, it was discovered that one of my employees had left the coffee pot on overnight.”

Tax preparer liability insurance safeguards your business against losses stemming from external entities and internal staff. It encompasses various incidents like petty theft, forgery, fraud, burglary, and similar occurrences.

Employee Injuries

“Our long-term bookkeeper, who has dedicated 40 years to our company, primarily engages in typing tasks. Hence, when she received a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome and was advised to undergo physical therapy, it didn’t come as a significant surprise.”

tax preparer liability insurance

Workers Compensation

For proprietors managing their tax preparation enterprises with employees, acquiring this coverage is essential. This isn’t just a casual suggestion, workers’ compensation is compulsory in all states except Texas.

What Are the Costs Associated with Tax Preparer Liability Insurance?

Various factors can impact the cost of your tax preparer liability insurance coverage, such as your business’:

  1. Size
  2. Location
  3. Claims history
  4. Number of employees
tax preparer liability insurance

Get Tax Preparer Liability Insurance in three easy steps

  • Discover and choose the essential coverage you require.
  • Select the payment option that aligns best with your preferences.
  • Receive your policy documents instantly via email.

Final Thoughts : Tax Preparer Liability Insurance

In conclusion, tax preparer liability insurance stands as a vital shield against unforeseen risks and potential legal challenges. Securing this coverage ensures peace of mind for tax preparers, offering financial protection and support in the face of professional errors, omissions, or other related liabilities.


What does tax preparer liability insurance cover?

Tax preparer liability insurance typically covers legal expenses, settlements, and damages arising from errors, omissions, or negligence in providing tax preparation services. It may also include coverage for cyber threats and data breaches.

Why is tax preparer liability insurance essential?

This insurance is vital for protecting tax professionals from potential lawsuits, financial losses, and reputational damage resulting from mistakes or allegations of professional negligence while offering tax services.

How much does tax preparer liability insurance cost?

The cost varies based on several factors such as business size, location, claims history, and coverage needs. Typically, premiums vary between a few hundred to several thousand dollars annually on average.

Is tax preparer liability insurance mandatory?

While not universally required by law, having this insurance is highly recommended for tax preparers to mitigate risks, protect their business, and reassure clients of their commitment to professionalism and protection.

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